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Kevin Riles is the author of two books Confessions of a Top Producer: 9 Tools for Sales Success & Abundance and 40 Acres & a Mule: The African American Guide to Building Wealth through Real Estate . He also serves as President and CEO of Upscale Properties. In addition to these responsibilities he was selected to serve as a Branch Manager of a full service Mortgage Banker with corporate headquarters in Dallas, TX. Kevin began his professional career as a systems analyst with Exxon Mobil. During his business career, Mr. Riles has worked for ExxonMobil Corporation, Clear Channel Communications (KMJQ), and Managed Information Systems. His wide array of business experience, coupled with his strong entrepreneurial desires lead him to form his own real estate and mortgage companies in October 2000 with a focus on helping to provide mortgage financing and real estate brokerage services to the Greater Houston Area.

In early 2005, Kevin was named the Broad Listing Broker for HUD Foreclosures in the greater Houston Area. With this contract, he has the responsibility of listing HUD Foreclosures in an 18 County Area. In 2007, Kevin SOLD 1104 Homes! He produced more than $85 million in Sales Production! As of August 2009, Kevin was named the #1 Listing Broker competing with more than 10,000 Active Realtors in Houston. In June 2007 his real estate company was named the #22nd Largest Residential Real Estate Brokerage in Houston. His Bus Tours have been featured locally by CBS Channel 11 and CW Channel 39. TLC’s Reality Show “Ride the Market” featured his foreclosure tours in March of 2009. He has sold over 3500 foreclosures.

A highly sought after motivational speaker, Kevin has hosted his own radio show on Business Radio 650 entitled, “Real Estate Matters with Kevin Riles”. He has motivated people on his views of success to corporations and organizations such as ExxonMobil, INROADS Houston, Fort Bend Independent School District, CAN Academy and many others. Kevin’s “Tools for Success” have inspired countless adults and youth to reach for a higher purpose.

This Houston native received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with cum laude honors from Morehouse College in 1995. Kevin attended Morehouse College on a full $75,000 Ronald E. McNair NASA Scholarship due to his academic accomplishments at Willowridge High School in suburbia Houston, Texas. With its tradition of producing leaders, Morehouse helped Kevin tap his leadership potential. He went on to hold leadership positions in a variety of campus organizations. As a further testament to Kevin’s academic achievements, he received his Masters of Business Administration in Finance from University of Saint Thomas in July 2000.

Kevin’s personal mission is to positively impact the lives of people socially, economically, and spiritually. With the help of God, his supportive business partner/wife, Cher, and daughter, Madison, Kevin will realize his mission. He is a proud member of the Greater Houston Association of Mortgage Brokers, The Better Businesses Bureau, National Association of Realtors, Houston Association of Realtors, the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc..


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